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Why Choose the Pharmacy Technician Program at PPCC?

Choosing to study pharmacy tech at PPCC means you will be prepared for a career in assisting licensed pharmacists with sterile compounding, making IV medications, organizing drug inventory, and performing authorizations for patients. PPCC was the first advanced-level nationally-accredited program in southern Colorado, the only program in the state to offer an associate degree program, and their graduates experience 80–90% job placement rates. You have access to excellent clinical facilities and staff, state-of-the-art labs and highly experienced faculty. Pharmacy tech graduates can work in a variety of environments including hospitals, retail pharmacies, labs, and senior healthcare facilities. 



What do PPCC Pharmacy Technician students study?

The pharmacy technician program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The program provides students broad knowledge and training in pharmacy, preparing students to assist licensed pharmacists, allowing the pharmacist to focus on patient education, pharmaceutical care and medication management.

As a student in the pharmacy technician program at PPCC, students will:

  • Develop an understanding of clinical laboratory equipment to develop hands-on pharmacy technician skills.
  • Gain valuable on-the-job training during your externship.
  • Train to work as a member of a pharmacy team in both institutional and community settings.
  • Get personalized, hands-on instruction from an experienced and caring staff.

Career and Technical Education(CTE) Notice of Non-Discrimination

Example Classes You Might Take

Orients students to the work of pharmacy technicians and the context in which a technicians work is performed. Students learn the concept of pharmaceutical care and the technicians general role in its delivery. The development of new drug products is discussed as well as a variety of issues that touch on attitudes, value and beliefs of success for pharmacy technicians. Students gain an appreciation for the value of obtaining technician certification, and the benefits of technicians active involvement in local, state, and national pharmacy organizations.
Provides the basic concepts of normal body function as well as the diseases which impact the various body systems and the drugs used to treat such diseases. Emphasizes disease state management and drug therapy.
Develops the skills necessary for performing calculations in pharmacy practice and the compounding of sterile and non-sterile products. Includes a review of basic mathematical skills.. Enables the student to solve problems involving calculations pertinent to the preparations of pharmaceuticals. These skills are put to practical use in the compounding portion of this course. Preparation of sterile products, parenteral admixtures, TPN solutions and chemotherapeutics, using proper aseptic techniques are taught. The safe handling of antineoplastics and other hazardous drug products, as well as special drug storage requirements is learned. Emphasizes the importance of accuracy, quality and infection control. Use and maintenance of equipment such as Laminar Flow Hoods, auto-injectors, and pumps is discussed.
Provides a basic understanding of general and specific tasks as well as the responsibilities involved in the practice of pharmacy in an institutional pharmacy setting. Emphasizes in-patient hospital pharmacy practice and other related practice settings (such as Homecare and Nursing Home or Long-Term Care). A laboratory experiential component provides a hands-on experience in the preparation of intravenous admixtures, aseptic technique, unit-dose distribution, dispensing for greater than 24 hours.


Career Options

The pharmacy technician is a crucial link in the health care system. Qualified pharmacy technicians are in high demand, due to the increase in pharmacists’ workloads, an aging population, and a shortage of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. You work to assist and support licensed pharmacists.

Pharmacy technicians work in a variety of settings, to include hospitals, retail pharmacies, home healthcare, compounding pharmacies, and insurance companies. They assist the pharmacist by performing sterile compounding and making IV medications; mixing, measuring and packaging medications to be dispensed; organizing drug inventory; billing for pharmacy services and performing authorizations for patients; answering calls and working as a liaison between the patient and their health providers; and managing customer service needs with utmost regard for patient safety. 

Program Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the Pharmacy Technician Program, students should be able to:

  • Interpret, fill, and distribute prescriptions for medications in both the community and institutional pharmacy settings under supervision of a pharmacist.
  • Demonstrate proper aseptic technique in the preparation of sterile medication products.
  • Accurately perform pharmaceutical calculations applicable to job responsibilities in both community and institutional pharmacy settings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the use and side effects of prescription and nonprescription drugs used to treat common disease states.       
  • Apply the laws governing the practice of pharmacy at the state and federal levels.


Get started in Pharmacy Technician

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What graduates are saying

“Great program! Comprehensive and challenging yet fun. The hands-on experience really helped when I did my clinical rotations and prepared me well. I was hired right out of my externship to a full-time inpatient pharmacy position. I loved my instructors and their ability to encourage and motivate through even the most challenging and serious aspects of the curriculum. They clearly have a passion for pharmacy and teach with the purpose of sparking the same in others.” - Nicole R.
“Excellent program, with equally amazing teachers. The classes were thorough and went by quickly. I found that I was considerably more prepared, during my rotations, than students from other programs. I highly recommend this program to anyone in the area!” - Mandi S.
“This program is phenomenal! It is short sweet and straight to the point definitely worth your time. The clinical rotations are a huge help to get out in the environment and really understand what your career is looking like. I was able to find an amazing job my last day of rotation! You will have the same teachers and the classes are not overwhelming with students. This program was truly life changing for me and I highly recommend it to others!” - Kelsie H.