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Engage with the PPCC Focus 2 Career Assessment to help you explore options. 

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After you have selected your top career choices in healthcare, use this optional exercise. It does not have to be shared with anyone, but your responses can be discussed with your Advising & Testing Advisor or Faculty Advisors. Download a PDF version of this Self-Reflection worksheet.

Why I Want to Be a ________________________


Assignment #1: List the people you know in your choice of occupation and/or the experiences you have had in that arena.


Assignment #2: Review the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook info and videos ( on that occupation. Write a paragraph or two on the reasons why you want to work in that field.


Assignment #3: Rank the importance of the following in relation to the career/careers you are interested in.                                                      Very Important (3)     Important  (2)    Not Very Important (1)   Not Important (0)

Broad Scope of Practice              ___                                 ___                              ___                                    ___

Variable Hours                              ___                                 ___                              ___                                    ___

Standard Hours                            ___                                 ___                              ___                                    ___

Job Availability                              ___                                 ___                              ___                                     ___

High Pay                                        ___                                 ___                              ___                                     ___

Job Satisfaction/Fulfillment        ___                                 ___                              ___                                     ___


Assignment #4: If you do not have any healthcare experience, or you want to explore different types of jobs in Nursing, consider job shadowing.  Review the guide on job shadowing. 


Assignment #5: Many healthcare educational programs require a substantial amount of classroom, out-of-classroom and clinicals hours. The importance of keeping a regular calendar of assignments and managing coursework is critical to success in any program. Write about the realities of this for you and strategies to manage all of this while keeping a healthy life/school balance.


Assignment #6: Write out the strategies you will need to pay for your education. Consult with a Financial Aid Counselor and/or your Active-Duty or Veterans Military resources to find out more. Apply for PPCC Scholarships and research other scholarships at the local hospitals or healthcare agencies and the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (  


Assignment #7: Write out at least three goals for your healthcare education and Career. Include more if you wish.

Goal #1:

Goal #2:

Goal #3:

Meet with your general Medical Sciences Advisor to set up course plans.